Re: [hatari-devel] REGRESSION: Creating and Reading HD floppies in Hatari 1.7

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As I wrote to you on Atari-Forum, the dev version is able to read and write HD and ED floppies just fine. Like you, I had never used HD or ED floppies in Hatari. I only heard about the problem because someone posted to AF.

Also, thank you for adding the OS X alert flags to the XCode project when CMake generates the XCode project. That eliminates one building step for me.

Also, thanks to Thomas for removing the X11 dependency when compiling under OS X.

Each Hatari version is getting easier for me to compile using XCode. 


Is there a way to not have the OS X alert box display if you are in fullscreen mode? I have hung Hatari a couple of times by hitting Quit from the SDL menu and Hatari hangs. Only recently did I realize Hatari was trying to display the OS X alert box which is not available when you are in fullscreen mode.

Bob C

On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 6:26 PM, Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 09/09/2013 21:29, Eero Tamminen wrote:

On sunnuntai 21 heinäkuu 2013, Bob Carpenter wrote:
On Atari-Forum, someone reported a problem creating HD floppies and
reading them in Hatari. DD floppies worked fine. He was using TOS 3.06
in TT emulation mode. However, I recreated the problem in ST mode using
TOS 2.06. When you attempt to read the floppy that you created, you get
a "Data on the disk in drive A: may be damaged" error.

Thanks for reporting this.  I can reproduce this.

Opening the disk goes OK, but trying e.g. to show its information fails.
With EmuTOS, disk info is shown, but it's bogus, it claims disk size
to be GBs, not 1.44MB.

Of course, that
is assuming you inserted the disk into drive A. To be sure, I tried
inserting the floppy I created into drive B:, but I received the same

I used the Hatari "Create Blank Floppy" menu item in order to create the
floppy. However, the forum poster also used mkdosfs on his Kubuntu system
and could not read the floppy in Hatari.

I tested both methods and Hatari fails to read both of them.  Problem
happens also with ED (2.88 MB, 36 sector) floppies, not just HD.

He said this worked on 1.6.

floppy.c hasn't been modified in the meanwhile, so it's probably the new,
more accurate FDC code.  To get HD floppies working on the real HW, one
needed to provide double rate [1] floppy step motor.  Maybe same is needed
now with the new FDC code?

Nicolas, any comments?

There's no HW for detecting HD floppies, so they probably need to be
identified by their sector count (18 for HD, 36 for ED, that's all
that needs to be supported as those are what Hatari creates).

This is now fixed, I never used HD or ED disk in Hatari before, so I didn't notice it was broken.

The ~6280 bytes buffer used in fdc.c to handle a raw track was not big enough to handle 18 or 36 sectors of 512 bytes, it worked only for an STF DD track.

I tested with a HD disk, and I correctly get 1.4 MB under TOS in the disk information window.


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