Re: [hatari-devel] Preliminary Hatari 1.7.0 OSX Build Example

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Le 28/06/2013 20:43, Thomas Huth a écrit :
Am Fri, 28 Jun 2013 19:40:47 +0200
schrieb Nicolas Pomarède<npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

On 28/06/2013 19:29, Jerome Vernet wrote:
Le 28/06/13 18:46, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
I don't know ; I would leave it for now as I don't know what it's
used for. I think it's needed when compiling with SDL, doesn't SDL
require X11 ?
Not on MacOsX ! SDL is Cocoa native.

We would need someone to try to remove X11 files from his mac and see
if it still compiles. If it's OK, we could remove the requirement.

I think that HAVE_X11 stuff is only required for embedding the Hatari
Window into the Python-UI from Eero on Linux. It should be fine to
disable that define on OS X.

Looking at the cmake files, X11_FOUND and HAVE_X11 are defined if the X11 libs are found, but they don't seem to be mandatory, it should compile if the X11 libs are not present.

What can happens is that if X11 files are present on your OSX computer, the hatari build will be linked against X11, which requires users of the this build (such as the one provided by Jerome Vernet) to have X11 libs on their mac too.

Maybe we should not link with X11 and force X11 detection to false on OSX, to be sure that the build will work on Mac without X11 libs (as long as the binary is meant to be launched on the same Mac used to compile it, that's not a problem, because X11 libs will be there)


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