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On torstai 18 heinäkuu 2013, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Alternatively these shortcuts could be for certain categories
> of instructions.  Then their names would be different, e.g:
> - "branch" would match jmp, bra, bcc, dbcc, fbcc, fdbcc
> - "subcall" would match jsr & bsr
> - "subreturn" would match rts, rtr, rtd
> - "exception" could match trap, trapv, ftrapcc, stop, illg,
>    chk, chk2, bkpt
> - "exreturn" would match rte

FYI: I added preliminary [1] support for above, for CPU.

[1] fbcc, fdbcc, ftrapcc and chk2 aren't matched currently and
    I'm not completely sure bcc matching doesn't match extra
    instructions, so feedback would be welcome, just try:
		n subreturn
		n exreturn

(or "n exr<TAB>" to be exact :-))

> (And similar functionality for DSP, except for exception calls.)

If this stuff proves useful for CPU side, I'll look into adding
DSP support too.

	- Eero

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