Re: [hatari-devel] IKBD_Cmd_SetMouseScale in the game "The Sentinel"

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Can you remind me how to apply a diff (I've forgotten).
Like this, I'll test the patch for the falcon programs.


Le 26/05/2013 16:28, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On sunnuntai 26 toukokuu 2013, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
But you can check yourself, run : "hatari --trace ikbd_all 2>log"
then "grep IKBD log" to see how the program accesses the keyboard.
TOS startup + Spectrum 512:
$ grep IKBD ikbd.log | grep -v IKBD_Cmd_ReadAbsMousePos
IKBD_Cmd_Reset VBLs=8 framecyc=72956
IKBD_Cmd_SetMouseThreshold 1,1
IKBD_Cmd_MouseAction 0
IKBD_Cmd_AbsMouseMode 638,398
IKBD_Cmd_SetMouseScale 2,2
IKBD_Cmd_MouseAction 0
IKBD_Cmd_SetInternalMousePos 320,200

And drawing program reads the mouse with ReadAbsMousePos().

-> ikbd.diff fixes the mouse issue with it.

However, Spectrum 512 has also regressed, the color bands on the background
go diagonally across the screen.  I think that would need to be fixed before

	- Eero

PS. Maybe Hextracker should use IKBD mouse scaling too,
instead of (apparently) doing it manually?

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