[hatari-devel] IKBD_Cmd_SetMouseScale in the game "The Sentinel"

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there seems to be a problem in the game "The Sentinel" by Firebird.

Moving the mouse is extremely slow ; the only unusual thing is that they set absolute mouse mode to a very big area, which seems to be "compensated" by mouse scale command :

IKBD_Cmd_AbsMouseMode 2560,3072
IKBD_Cmd_SetInternalMousePos 1280,1536
IKBD_Cmd_SetMouseScale 8,16

Then the game read the mouse's position with ReadAbsMousePos.

eg :

IKBD_Cmd_ReadAbsMousePos 1280,1536 0x0
IKBD_Cmd_ReadAbsMousePos 1280,1536 0x0
IKBD_Cmd_ReadAbsMousePos 1280,1536 0x0

Strange thing is that IKBD_Cmd_SetMouseScale is storing values in XScale and YScale, but it's never used anywhere to scale deltaX/Y values.

Thomas (or anyone else), do you remember if that's an old part that was never implemented ?


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