Re: [hatari-devel] Overscan Oddity

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On 23/04/2013 21:07, David Savinkoff wrote:
Hi Nicolas,

I thought the "overscan oddity" was a bug that needed fixing.
However; "Don't fix it, if it ain't broke." ;)

Maybe 400x300 (and other video modes) could be center
cropped for visual realism (and visual appeal).
Note that a 'real monitor' crops the image.


Yes, it crops, but that's different and can depend on your settings ; I remember that on my monitor I could move the screen horizontally left or right or stretch/squeeze it in both directions, thus having the possibility to remove cropping completely.

Note that since in overscan left and right borders don't have the same number of pixel, there's no correct centering possible. Centering implies the same number of pixels in left/right border, so it will result in a screen where you don't see the rightmost pixels (in right border) or where the left border need to be completed with empty pixels to have as many pixels as the right border.

The choice should be given to the user on how many pixels he wants to extend the display in all directions (starting from the usual 320x200 visible area), but there's no solution that work in all cases.

Hatari should maintain realism and useability as its
primary function. Video debug output (all pixels in place)
should be the option.

416x312 is fine (but needs optional cropping). I thought
400x300 would include cropping if there was a bug. 400x300
still needs optional cropping, thus, is feature incomplete.
I mistook it as a bug as seen in the Ste Earth demo.

That's the plan for a next version, a much higher modularity to choose cropping in all 4 directions, as well as emulating some really rare shifter effects (not emulated by any emulator so far).


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