Re: [hatari-devel] Overscan Oddity

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On tiistai 16 huhtikuu 2013, David Savinkoff wrote:
> When I run the ST_EARTH demo (IRC chatroom + digital clock display part)
> in 832x624 or 416x312, I see the whole screen properly, including extra
> overscan. (Hatari 1.6.0 through lastest HG tip)
> When I run the demo in 800x600 or 400x300, the left overscan is
> truncated properly but the right overscan overwrites the last two
> digits of the clock and is not truncated. Whereas, Hatari 1.6.0
> truncates the right overscan properly.

Compared to earlier version:
- palette change point and graphics have moved to right
- graphics is truncated too early on the right

You may be right that the palette overscan overwrites
the graphics on the right edge...

(Because Hatari window/screen size can differ, that shouldn't
be used to offset anything, all rendering offsets should be
based on Atari screen memory.)

	- Eero

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