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On sunnuntai 07 huhtikuu 2013, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> I didn't understand that prg was a command, I thought I had to replace
> it by the name of my program.

That also works, if you give the correct path & file name.

> But it still doesn't work for me :
> Reading symbols from program
> '/media/Win_NTFS/Jeux/Atari/DiskDur.FAL/Thadoss/PROG.PRG' symbol table...
> ERROR: symbol table missing from the program!
> Is there a command to concat the symbols directly into the programm or
> is it something else ?

Your compiler & linker should generate the symbols to the binary with
suitable options.

According to my Devpac v2 manual, Devpac's linker generates DRI symbol table
with "-D" option and "-X" option produces extended symbol information
(hopefully same as GST).

For AHCC, use "-g" linker flag, and "-l" if you want also local symbols.

For VBCC, use "-g" option for "vc" at linking stage, with "-bataritos"
being specified as linker flag in VBCC config file.

As for GCC, at least by default GCC outputs a.out format symbol table,
I don't know whether there's an option to generate DRI/GST format.

	- Eero

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