Re: [hatari-devel] Most wanted debugger/profiler feature or convenience? (Blitter/LED)

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> Do you mean changes in any of the registers, or or just the control
> register?

Sorry, I mean changes in *any* register except the control register (or at least, except the GO & HOG bits - it's common to write the GO bit repeatedly until it reads 0, if not in HOG mode). 

e.g. lets say you start the blitter and for whatever reason you don't properly poll it for completion, and subsequently start writing to the count or address registers again - boom! Lets say it happened because you upgrade a function to use the blitter, and forget that function is used from VBL or some other silly accident. Having the debugger 'breakpoint' on blitter-busy side effects would be cool. Or something to that effect. But only when such a feature is needed for debugging! Not while running normal programs, since some demo tricks can use it as you pointed out.

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