[hatari-devel] Most wanted debugger/profiler feature or convenience?

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I have had quite a bit of free time this winter, so I could
do a lot of work on the profiler & debugger, but that's going
to end in few weeks.

Before that I could still do some smaller stuff to debugger
or profiler (besides documenting the new features), so...

What's your most wanted debugger/profiler feature or convenience?

Things that have been proposed so far, or which I've thought
of otherwise:

* Stack backtrace output option for breakpoints
  (when symbols are loaded)

* Improved Callgrind format output for Kcachegrind
  from the profile data

* Modifying disassembly to show symbol names for jumps/branches

* Being able to specify how many instructions/lines
  d/dd/m/dm commands show (not just set it in cnf file)

* hex/string search for RAM  [1]
	<start>[-<end>] "<string>"|<hex> [alignment]

* "info mmu" command to show MMU state(?)

* being able to specify which exceptions (with -D option)
  invoke the debugger:

* Symbolic names for OS call numbers
  (just GEMDOS, BIOS & XBIOS as AES & VDI isn't single number)

* Any additional debugger variables (for use in breakpoints), e.g:
  - exception number

NOTE that the use of '"' for indicating strings in debugger commands
requires changing immediate expression evaluation marker to something
else, e.g. to '{}', see:

-> If such a syntax change is done, I'd like it done for a major Hatari
   release, as soon as possible.

As to other "debugging" features proposed earlier:

* Statusbar LED showing activity also for other HW things
  than HD, e.g. Blitter, and using different colors for
  different activities.

Question is, what all other HW activities that LED could/should show
(which are used rarely together), and what colors should be used
for them, so that they can be differentiated?

	- Eero

PS. Debugger GUI is out of question, it's several months full
time project.

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