[hatari-devel] UI/SDL problem with WinUAE build on OSX?

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So the first & last time I tried to build Hatari 1.6.2 on OSX (with WinUAE core) I ended up with a build that appeared to run ok, but the GUI buttons were missing all the text. It also crashes when exiting (although, the missing text is the biggest problem for usability).

I left it alone at this point, assuming I had configured the build (or SDL) wrongly.

However I recently noticed this discussion:


...and it seems to describe exactly what I saw - so now I know it wasn't a mistake on my part.

I'm trying to migrate some Atari dev from Windows to OSX and would need the WinUAE version of Hatari to do this properly. I suppose I could take screenshots of the dialogs on the PC and print them out to help configure it on OSX but that seems a bit nuts to me :-) 
Does anyone know if this has been fixed, or will be fixed in the near future?


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