Re: [hatari-devel] UI/SDL problem with WinUAE build on OSX?

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On Sun, 31 Mar 2013, Douglas Little wrote:

So the first & last time I tried to build Hatari 1.6.2 on OSX (with WinUAE core) I ended up with a build that appeared to run ok, but the GUI buttons were missing all the text. It
also crashes when exiting (although, the missing text is the biggest problem for usability).

I seem to remember a thread about this problem also occouring in Linux builds some time ago (maybe half a year or so).

However, if you build with Xcode you get a Cocoa UI that is a lot better than the SDL one. The problem is getting a build at all, at least under 10.8 with Xcode 4.6. If somebody manages to do that, I'd be very interested in a binary (also for the non-WinUAE version). :)

Anders Eriksson

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