Re: [hatari-devel] Building Hatari from sources

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I don't know if anyone is interested but I recently had success building Hatari for Windows using Cygwin - the process is essentially the same as a typical Linux build once the Cygwin dependencies are sorted out.

Hatari built fine in this way but I had some problems with the SDL package. This was remedied with a relatively small patch (small enough to apply by hand) and a bag (!) of configuration switches. I can provide some details on that later if anyone is interested.

Note: To run this Cygwin/Hatari executable you do need the Cygwin-X server installed on top of the default Cygwin / X11 stuff and you must launch the server before starting Hatari or there will be no display output. Apart from all that nonsense it does seem to work fine and is repeatable. It's not ideal for distributing to Windows users because of the complex Cygwin mess but it's fine for working with the Mercurial source on a Windows box.


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