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On maanantai 28 tammikuu 2013, Roger Burrows wrote:
> Thanks for the offer, but I just use the debugger when I'm really stuck
> on EmuTOS.  EmuTOS takes up enough of my time, without figuring out how
> to build Hatari from its source.  It would be nice if Hatari had
> occasional CVS snapshots between releases ...

If you have Debian Linux (e.g. in VM), you just need to:

* Get Hatari sources:
	sudo apt-get install mercurial
	hg clone
	cd hatari

* Install its build dependencies:
	sudo apt-get build-dep hatari

* Build it:
	./configure [--enable-winuae-cpu]

  Or to use separate build dir:
	mkdir build
	cd build
	../configure [...]

* Then run it [1]:

It's not really that hard and on modern PC's it doesn't
even take that long.

[1] uninstalled version has all the debug symbols in
    case you have some problem with Hatari.

	- Eero

PS. As to running Linux in VMs, there have been some comments
that Hatari runs faster in them than natively with some versions
of OSX & SDL (due to how Hatari screen updates, SDL backend for
OSX and OSX screen compositor interact).

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