Re: [hatari-devel] How to detect Hatari/68ec030

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On maanantai 28 tammikuu 2013, Roger Burrows wrote:
> On 27 Jan 2013 at 22:56, Thomas Huth wrote:
> > Concerning the crash in the debugger, I think this has already been
> > fixed in the development version of Hatari. I encountered one of two of
> > those crashes some months ago, when I integrated the 68030 MMU code
> > into Hatari, and I fixed the debugger accordingly.
> OK, thanks!  I won't bother about it (but it will be nice to see a new
> version of Hatari released :-)).

I'd recommend building latest Hatari from Mercurial if you're using
its debugger more as there are a lot of small improvements to it:

If you need new features, or think something should work better,
just mail!

	- Eero

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