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Btw. I noticed from Wikipedia that Atari TTs had 2-12 MB of
ST-RAM, not upto 14MB as supported by Hatari.

When I asked on debian m68k mailing list about typical TT
memory amounts, this was the answer:

On keskiviikko 30 tammikuu 2013, Björn Buske wrote:
> On 2013-01-30 09:31, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > I'm not really sure what kind of amounts of ST-RAM and Fast RAM
> > real TT machines typically have.  Just the default 2MB of ST-RAM
> > and rest Fast RAM?
> Tha vast majority of TTs sold had an additional 2 MB of ST-RAM fitted as
> an extension board, so this would make 4 MB the most common ST-RAM
> figure. Some rare exceptions have an 8 MB extension board fitted, making
> it a total of 10 MB of ST-RAM, but these are really hard to find. Users
> would commonly use TT-RAM for memory expansion, as with TOS 4 MB ST-RAM
> was plenty for everything that couldn't go into TT-RAM.
> As far as TT-RAM goes the common sizes fitted by Atari were 4 MB and 8
> MB, with several third-party vendors offering TT-RAM cards with am
> maximum of up to 256 MB. One should expect that someone interested in
> running a modern Linux system on a TT would have one of those cards
> installed and fitted with more than 8 MB.

Should I use above information to fine-tune test memory amount
in Hatari's TOS bootup tester?  I.e. do TT tests with 2, 4 & 10 MB?

	- Eero

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