Re: [hatari-devel] GEMBench results for TT & Falcon modes

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Am Thu, 17 Jan 2013 20:57:15 +0100
schrieb Miro Kropáček <miro.kropacek@xxxxxxxxx>:

> > GemBench 4.03 works fine with WinUAE core and Falcon results are
> > *much* better than the old UAE core ones I mailed earlier.  See
> > attachments.
> >
> Wow, how that could be possible? When I run WinUAE builds, it feels
> horribly slow, FS:5 all the time (1.6 GHz dual core), with the old
> core I'm at 1-2 most of the time (unless I start a dsp app).

You've got to distinguish between the accuracy of cycles that the
emulated program sees and the speed of the emulation (which is
responsible for frameskip if it is too slow). I think Eero was talking
about the cycle accuracy, not the speed of emulation.


PS: Eero, please use the new mailing list nowadays, I've
switched the settings of the old one to "moderated" to avoid new
threads there.

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