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On sunnuntai 25 marraskuu 2012, Andreas Grabher wrote:
> I think the 68030 MMU emulation of Previous used in Hatari is the first
> full emulation of the 68030's MMU. Like Thomas said, it is still in
> experimental state, because there has only been little testing. Recently
> some bugs have been discovered and fixed. Hopefully there are no more
> bugs in the code. But one thing is still missing, although not just MMU
> related: correct handling of the 68030's Special Status Word (SSW). It
> is needed for the exception stack frame for bus and address errors. It
> needs to be set on all (not just MMU) bus error and page fault
> exceptions.
> I do not yet understand all of the bits inside this SSW. I'd be happy if
> anyone could explain them to me. I'll try to implement it, as soon as i
> can understand it. The bits are explained in the MC68030UM.pdf (68030
> users manual), page 295 (pt. 8.2.1).

Did I understand correctly that currently there's *no* SSW support and
in practice this means that no real MMU using OS would work, as SSW
is needed for recovering from the MMU exceptions?

The reason I ask is that I've mailed with couple of people who might
be interested in trying NetBSD and Linux in Hatari.

	- Eero

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