[hatari-devel] "next" and "step" commands to Hatari debugger?

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I'm thinking of adding "step" and "next" commands to the debugger.

"step" would basically be same as "c 1", so it's not useful unless
it can have a debugger shortcut command.  However, "s" shortcut
is currently used for:
	savebin ( s) : save memory to a file

Would somebody object if I would change that shortcut?

"next" (continue to next instruction, used for passing subroutines)
would be done with current conditional breakpoints, I just need
to add an option to them to silence their output on creation,
hitting and removal of a temporary internal breakpoint...

(Then I also need to investigate why debugger history retrieval
skips the previous entry one gave.)

	- Eero

This is mainly due to request from Frank Wille, the maintainer
of VBCC m68k backend/port who's looking at some TOS + 16-bit
VBCC build Atari problems I reported for him.

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