Re: [hatari-devel] One bug, one warning, one :)

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On 13/11/2012 21:52, David Savinkoff wrote:
Hi Nicolas,

This trace is the smallest i could make. I went as far as LOAD MOD
and the terminated Hatari with altgr+q.
/home/user/hatari/bin/hatari -c empty.cfg --machine ste --tos /usr/share/hatari/TOS206uk.IMG --trace ikbd_all,acia /home/user/atari/hd/G/HEXT/HEXT837.PRG > Hext.trace.txt 2>&1


At first sight, I can't find anything wrong in the trace.

I ran with the same command line, and no problem for me.
Can you try uncommenting line 848.c in ikbd.c to print bytes sent by the ikbd and run the program again (no need for traces) ?

moving the mouse should send $f8 byte and x/y delta bytes.

Do you get this bytes before loosing the mouse ? And what do you get once the mouse doesn't respond anymore ? (pressing key will send the corresponding ikbd code when using the arrows)


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