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On tiistai 13 marraskuu 2012, David Savinkoff wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 November 2012 00:40, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > As it works fine for us, first we should find out what differs.
> > 
> > MD5 of my tracker binary is:
> >     $ md5sum hext837.prg
> >     9d8af2ab5fd5488d7c9645d2eeed6c34  hext837.prg
> Check.
> > To discount differences in config, start with empty one:
> >     $ echo "" > empty.cfg
> >     $ hatari -c empty.cfg --machine ste --tos etos512k.img
> >     ./hext837.prg
> Check.
> Hatari changeset 4072 and previous work, but newer changesets
> have the same problem where the mouse freezes near the center
> of the screen (whereas LOAD MOD is in the upper right of Hextracker).
> Note that the mouse works in Hextracker until LOAD MOD is activated.
> The new screen is fully displayed with the mouse cursor frozen near
> the center of the screen. atl+arrow keys will move the mouse cursor.
> Upon exiting the screen with the frozen mouse, the mouse resumes
> working in the main Hextracker screen (where LOAD MOD is).
> Upon exiting Hextracker, the mouse is frozen in Hatari in the same
> manner. The mouse works properly in the SDL menu and on my desktop
> during Hextracker problems.

As above things work, did you try also a Hatari built without optimizations

(Just to make very it's not some optimization bug in your very old
GCC version.)

	- Eero

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