Re: [hatari-devel] Attachments (was: One bug, one warning, one :))

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On tiistai 13 marraskuu 2012, David Savinkoff wrote:
> Telus (my internet provider) has not mastered email despite being an
> old telephone company with landlines cellphones and 'HDTV over
> telephone modem'. One of Telus' internet core incompetencies is to
> convert C code, patches, and header file attachments to DOS for that
> other crufty operating system. It looks like your dos2unix is
> revolting. The attachment I received ended in 0D 0A and the attachment
> in the hatari-devel archive ends with 0A.
> msg00099.html

(g)zip the text attachments, then they won't get corrupted, or at
least the recipient notices the corruption because the attachment
cannot be extracted.

	- Eero

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