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On 24 Nov 2012 at 11:00, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> I guess you haven't followed the recent WinUAE CPU core MMU implementation
> discussion? :-)
> Several programs with MMU instructions work.  Paging works at least for one
> demo (X-tasie) now with the latest Hatari version from repo.  More testing
> is required.
I think I probably asked the wrong question.  I should have asked: when will 
68030 MMU support be available in an official Hatari release?  I'd prefer 
Windoze, because that's where I'm currently running Hatari, but a version for 
Ubuntu derivatives would be fine too.

> > What's the current status of MMU support for the 68040?  Is it really a
> > 68ec040 or a full 68040?
> While testing of Hatari (WinUAE CPU core) MMU emulation would be very much 
> appreciated, if you want mature MMU emulation for developing something,
> for now I would recommend doing that with Aranym.  Aranym's been running
> Linux etc. for quite a while now so its MMU emulation should be fairly
> mature.
Well, my actual question was about Hatari.  The setup screen for selecting CPU 
type specifically says 68EC030+FPU, so I was able to figure out why a PMOVE to 
TC caused an exception.  Since the setup screen specifically says 68040, I 
would logically assume that the 68040 support includes the MMU.  But I had seen 
all the recent MMU discussion, which sort-of-implied that the MMU *wasn't* 
supported (at least until recent CVS updates).  So that's why I asked the 
question (and why I'm asking it again).


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