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Hi Roger!

Since a couple of weeks, we've got full 68030 MMU emulation in Hatari (taken from the NeXT emulator Previous). It's still experimental, but it's already enough to boot TOS with its MMU translation and some programs like the Demo X-tasie.

To use it, you've got to use the latest version from Mercurial, enable the WinUAE core before compiling and then use the --mmu 1 command line flag for the hatari executable.

Concerning 68040 MMU emulation, the WinUAE core also provides this (based on an older version of the Aranym MMU). But this is quite untested in Hatari so it might not work at all in the current version.

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Roger Burrows <rfburrows@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
I believe that the '030 supported by Hatari is the 68ec030, i.e. without page 
tables. Are there any plans to add full MMU support?

What's the current status of MMU support for the 68040? Is it really a 68ec040
or a full 68040?

Roger Burrows

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