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On lauantai 24 marraskuu 2012, Roger Burrows wrote:
> I believe that the '030 supported by Hatari is the 68ec030, i.e. without
> page tables. Are there any plans to add full MMU support?

I guess you haven't followed the recent WinUAE CPU core MMU implementation
discussion? :-)

Several programs with MMU instructions work.  Paging works at least for one
demo (X-tasie) now with the latest Hatari version from repo.  More testing
is required.

> What's the current status of MMU support for the 68040?  Is it really a
> 68ec040 or a full 68040?

While testing of Hatari (WinUAE CPU core) MMU emulation would be very much 
appreciated, if you want mature MMU emulation for developing something,
for now I would recommend doing that with Aranym.  Aranym's been running
Linux etc. for quite a while now so its MMU emulation should be fairly

If you could test with both, that would be even better.

In Hatari, we could for example add "info mmu" command that would dump
some MMU setup information.

	- Eero

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