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In complement to Eero's message, if you want to compile the new falcon winuae core from the repository, you'll just have to edit the CMakeLists.txt file (just after the hg clone command) and change :


then, you can use Eero's commands.

With 0, you compile hatari with the old cpu (ST compatibility is maximum)
with 1, you compile hatari with the new core (and the mmu).



Le 24/11/2012 23:54, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On lauantai 24 marraskuu 2012, Roger Burrows wrote:
On 24 Nov 2012 at 11:00, Eero Tamminen wrote:
I guess you haven't followed the recent WinUAE CPU core MMU
implementation discussion? :-)

Several programs with MMU instructions work.  Paging works at least for
one demo (X-tasie) now with the latest Hatari version from repo.  More
testing is required.
I think I probably asked the wrong question.  I should have asked: when
will 68030 MMU support be available in an official Hatari release?
Whenever there will be a new Hatari release.

We haven't yet discussed making a new release, so I have no idea how
many months in the future that might be.

Nicolas, would the next release be 1.6.x or 1.7.0?   Is there anything
particular that you would like still to see added to Hatari before
next release?

(I just would like the debugger tested a bit more, so that any remaining
bugs are flushed out so that I can squash them.  I don't have any new
features for the next release.)

I'd prefer Windoze, because that's where I'm currently running Hatari,
but a version for Ubuntu derivatives would be fine too.
If you have Ubuntu, building Hatari yourself from the Mercurial repo
should be pretty easy.  After you've added mercurial, cmake and Hatari
library dependency development packages with apt-get or Software Center,
you need to do just something like this:
	hg clone
	cd hatari
	mkdir build		# use separate build directory
	cd build
	cmake ..		# configure
	make			# build
	src/hatari		# run new Hatari

(Nice feature of CMake is that it supports separate build dir,
but without that, above would lose two steps.)

What's the current status of MMU support for the 68040?  Is it really
a 68ec040 or a full 68040?
While testing of Hatari (WinUAE CPU core) MMU emulation would be very
much appreciated, if you want mature MMU emulation for developing
something, for now I would recommend doing that with Aranym.  Aranym's
been running Linux etc. for quite a while now so its MMU emulation
should be fairly mature.
Well, my actual question was about Hatari.  The setup screen for
selecting CPU type specifically says 68EC030+FPU,
If you use the Hatari WinUAE CPU core version (I think the Windows binary
for that has "falcon" in its name), you see very different looking system
setup dialog.

so I was able to
figure out why a PMOVE to TC caused an exception.  Since the setup
screen specifically says 68040, I would logically assume that the 68040
support includes the MMU.  But I had seen all the recent MMU discussion,
which sort-of-implied that the MMU *wasn't* supported (at least until
recent CVS updates).  So that's why I asked the question (and why I'm
asking it again).
WinUAE version system dialog has separate option for MMU.

	- Eero

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