Re: [hatari-devel] Exception debugging?

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On tiistai 06 marraskuu 2012, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hm.  If you're talking about these two lines:
>         if (!bExceptionDebugging)
>                 return;
> In src/gui-win/opencon.c, that's just a Windows specific bug that
> should be fixed by somebody who actually uses Hatari on Windows.

Nicolas, was your issue with exception debugging about this Windows
specific bug?

> Opening of a window for the debugger shouldn't be tied to enabling
> exception catching.
> If you're running Hatari on Windows and that bug bothers, but
> you don't want to fix it, run Hatari from DOS console instead
> of using -D.

The potential ways for fixing this are:
- Remove the WinCon code completely, users can run Hatari
  from DOS console if they want console
- Always open the WinCon console window, this may annoy people
  who never want to use the console
- Add a Windows specific option for the console window,
  e.g. "--wincon <bool>"

(I could provide a preliminary patch for the last one, but as
I don't have Windows, somebody else needs to build & test it.)

	- Eero

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