Re: [hatari-devel] Exception debugging?

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On tiistai 06 marraskuu 2012, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> as Thomas said, I agree it doesn't make sense to catch all exceptions
> and go to debugUI, even if debugger is ON.

As I stated, it would be preferable to be able to specify which
exceptions are caught, but the current set makes the feature
pretty useless for debugging as it misses a lot of exceptions
that can happen due to programming errors.

> For example try running the "Transbeauce Demo II" with debugger on and
> dropping to debugger on exceptions, and you will see it's unusable.
> Also consider that many original (non cracked) games with protections 
> such as the ones from Rob Northen (ab)use this kind of exceptions to 
> make the code very difficult to read.

Exception catching isn't on by default in Hatari, and you cannot even
set it as default in Hatari configuration.  You must specifically
enable it with the "-D" option from the command line, or toggle
it with the "setopt -D" command in the debugger.

So, why the heck you would enable exception catching when you don't want it?

Hm.  If you're talking about these two lines:
        if (!bExceptionDebugging)

In src/gui-win/opencon.c, that's just a Windows specific bug that
should be fixed by somebody who actually uses Hatari on Windows.

Opening of a window for the debugger shouldn't be tied to enabling
exception catching.

If you're running Hatari on Windows and that bug bothers, but
you don't want to fix it, run Hatari from DOS console instead
of using -D.

	- Eero

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