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> Thanks for the hint. Obviously the root pointer register is not configured at the time you do the PTEST. For PTESTR vs. PTESTW: This was just a wrong debugging message. It actually worked the right way. I'll correct this.

No, it was not configured, but at least for TT and Falcon this is not
required. So for compatibility reasons Hatari should probably not treat
this as a fatal error. By the way, I tried running ROMSPEED
( when I encountered this
> The last problem: your instruction specifies searching the translation tables with function code 7. Normally function code 7 would cause a transparent translation. In normal operation, the translation tables are never searched using function code 7. Unfortunately there is no description in the datasheet on how this special case is handled. So i guess it just searches the tables ... even when FC is 7.

Yes, obviously it does. But anyway, looks like you found a bug in ROMSPEED.
The first bug report after almost 20 years :-).

> I've appended the patch to this message.

Thank you, the debug message is correct now, but as already mentioned
there is still the root pointer problem. I will fix this in ROMSPEED,
but before I do that you should probably change your code not to report
a fatal error. If the PMMU emulation is fully compatible ROMSPEED should
run without a change.

Take care


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