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On keskiviikko 10 lokakuu 2012, Thomas Huth wrote:
> I remember that we had to fix bus error handling in the old UAE core a
> couple of years ago ... maybe the WinUAE core also does not use the
> right stack frames yet (at least the 68030 MMU mode uses the wrong
> stack frames as Andreas already discovered).
> I'm quite busy this week, but if somebody wants to have a look, check
> the exception functions in cpu/newcpu.c for the right bus error stack
> layout...

I noticed that there was one exception handling fix in v1.6.2 to old UAE
core by Nicolas that doesn't seem to have been applied to WinUAE core:

E.g. the "Fix return PC when JMP generates an illegal address exception"
wasn't applied to WinUAE core:

Another one could be here:

"While processing an exception, raise an address error exception if
the new PC is not even" isn't mentioned in WinUAE log:

For exceptions there's just some commits for MMU and for disabling
Amiga specific stuff.

	- Eero

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