Re: [hatari-devel] Pure debugger, illegal opcodes, exceptions

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> As PD works even with WinUAE core when using TOS v1.04 (but not TOS v1.62
> which still implies 68000 i.e. similar CPU exception frames), do you know
> whether there is some difference in how that handles exceptions compared to
> newer TOS versions?

I'm afraid I don't know.

> Interestingly even the output with TOS vv1.04 differs between
> Hatari versions.  With WinUAE core:
> 	Autostart file 'DESKTOP.INF' for 'PD.PRG' matched.
> 	Autostart file removed.
> 	Exception 2 (0) at fc0ee4 -> fc0ee6!
> 	Exception 2 (0) at 2cd76 -> 2cd86!
> Whereas with old UAE core:
> 	Autostart file 'DESKTOP.INF' for 'PD.PRG' matched.
> 	Autostart file removed.
> 	Bus Error at address $fffa42, PC=$2cd76
> I.e. there was no bus error at fc0ee4.  According to Compedium:
> 	"On pre-TOS v2.00, this location marked the beginning of
>      the operating system ROMs."

So there are more bus errors (the one at $fc0ee4) with the new core.
Looks as if there is a general difference wrt the handling of bus errors
(when reading data from write protected memory areas?) in the two cores.

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