[hatari-devel] IDE emulation and Pure debugger

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I started a new thread on this problem.

On sunnuntai 07 lokakuu 2012, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> I found now what was wrong: There seems to
> be a problem with the way Hatari treats hard disk drive images. When I
> start Hatari I have two IDE images attached. When I start PD now it
> crashes. When I eject both images and reset Hatari PD still crashes. If
> I enter Hatari's hard disk settings again, no hard disks are displayed,
> which is fine because I ejected them before the last reset. When I now
> press OK and reset Hatari again PD works. It works even though there was
> no effective configuration change. Now I add the hard disk images again,
> and reset Hatari. PD still works.

Does it work if you start Hatari without IDE disks, add them and reset
the emulation?

> I can reproduce this behavior. Looks as if entering the hard disk
> settings somehow affects the emulation, even when nothing is changed in
> the settings.

If you take GEMDOS traces from the failing and succeeding
cases, are there any differences in what calls PD does?

	- Eero

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