Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari TODO list update?

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For the TODO list :

 - DSP emulation / Falcon sound matrix:
    1.10  	- Dsp SSI internal clock (is it used on falcon ?)
    1.11  	- Verify DSP instructions cycle count, especially with external RAM

I think I've verified all the DSP cycles, and they seem to be correct, but I'd like an external advice from someone to confirm that (or not) before removing it.

For the DSP SSI internal clock, I Haven't seen any falcon program that uses the internal SSI clock (I think the crossbar always gives the clock in handshake mode)
For non handshake mode, I've coded the case when the DSP gives the clock pulse.

I think this part is over

I'd like to see in the TODO list :
- rewrite all adresses in hatari in 32 bits to allow the use of extra fast memory 

This would allow to launch more 68060 demos and test them under hatari (and test the DSP by the same occasion)



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