Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari 1.6.2 on Raspberry Pi

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On keskiviikko 27 kesäkuu 2012, Jerome Vernet wrote:
> Managed to have sourd, optimzed for arm, got FS between 1 and 3 on
> gem,desktop, and PACEMAKER demo is pretty watchable with FS at 5.

> You will need to optimize things !

You will need to profile it.

I suggest using Oprofile first to see whether you have
system bottlenecks.

I don't expect much out of it though as Hatari has been profiled
& optimized several times during the years.  I did that myself for
ARM around v0.90 - v1.0 and few times later on.  More accurate
emulation just takes more time and Hatari gets more accurate with
each version.

	- Eero

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