Re: [hatari-devel] Mouse pointer not reset when loading save state from menu

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On tiistai 19 kesäkuu 2012, Charlie Nolan wrote:
> I went ahead and tracked down the exact location of the problem.  It's
> not an error condition, and it will happen any time the SDL GUI is
> used.
> src/gui-sdl/dlgMain.c, line 123 (a return) causes Dialog_MainDlg to
> skip the mouse restore at 168-169.  Duplicating those two lines just
> before line 123 would be an adequate fix to the immediate problem
> (though it suffers from the standard problems of duplicating code).

Thanks, I commited a fix to this:

I had somehow missed that return when reading code.

(And Nicolas, thanks for the exact use-case I could use the verify it. :-))

> Which is exactly why I suggest preventing the host cursor from
> reaching the screen edge (e.g. by warping it to the center when it's
> 5% from the edge) during mouselock and fullscreen mode.

If mouse is locked or you use fullscreen, there's no point in
warping the host mouse pointer.

And if user isn't using mouse lock, preventing mouse from getting out
of the window would be really bad.

And "randomly" warping the mouse would most likely break Hatari mouse
handling on host systems where you get absolute co-ordinates instead
of relative mouse movements.

	- Eero

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