[hatari-devel] Re: TOS 2.06 configuration that bombs at bootup with WinUAE core

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On sunnuntai 10 kesäkuu 2012, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Now there's single case that fails:
> hatari -s 0 --disk-a blank-a.st.gz --machine st --monitor rgb --tos
> tos206uk.img --fastfdc yes --fast-forward yes disk/GEMDOS.PRG
> But that seems to be failing also with older old UAE core Hatari version,

This was with devel version from the very beginning of February.

> to double bus error, so it's not a WinUAE specific issue.

Latest Hatari with old UAE core works fine with this setup as
does Hatari v1.4 in Debian stable (with and without --slowfdc
as that option was named back then).

I.e. TOS v2.06 bombs only with WinUAE core, so it actually seems
to be now WinUAE specific.

> Leaving anything out of the command line lets it pass...

	- Eero

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