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On 21/06/2012 10:09, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:

Once 1.6.2 is released, I can put some mac binaries on the site if you
and jerome can provide some (knowing some people reported problem with
osx lion / sdl)



I just released 1.6.2. I see many OSX users here would like to contribute a built, which is a good thing for other OSX users that don't know how to compile it.

As far as I understand, we have problems with OSX Lion and SDL in fullscreen that require a patch.

Maybe we could have :

- a built for all OSX, except Lion. Univesal PPC/i386/x86_64 bits would be cool, but if no one is able to build one, let's have some "per cpu" builts (but Andreas told he would be able to build one like this)

- a built for OSX Lion, with a patched SDL library. I guess in that case a x86_64 built would be enough, as PPC are not supported anymore.

- if someone thinks he can do a "one build to rule them all" but it would require more time, we can put it on the ftp later

If you can build one of these items, post a download link so that other users can report how it works for them.

I will then put the corresponding binaries in Hatari ftp directory.



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