Re: [hatari-devel] Things not working when program is started from DESKTOP.INF?

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On lauantai 17 maaliskuu 2012, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> I tried several of the failing TOS versions and with all of them,

I.e. TOS versions v1.02 - v2.06.

> printing fails when it's done from AUTO folder or from DESKTOP.INF,
> but succeeds when it's done after TOS has fully booted up.
> In both cases the GEMDOS and BIOS level calls were identical.

I could kind of understand TOS not having set up everything for
printer when AUTO folder content is run, but things not being
set up when program listed in DESKTOP.INF is run, is pretty

....because Hatari "autorun"[1] feature relies this working properly,
and if it doesn't work properly, we should document it in the manual.

[1] One can register at least in Linux desktop Hatari as handler
    for Atari programs (either based on few first bytes of the binary,
    or based on file names).

Does anybody know, or could somebody investigate what else doesn't
work for those TOS versions in programs run from DESKTOP.INF?

I'll add a TODO item about investigating & documenting it properly,
but should there also be some comment about that in the Hatari
command line options explanation in manual and manual page?

> With TOS 1.00, printing with GEMDOS works also from floppy image
> AUTO folder and with EmuTOS and TOS 3 & 4 it works also from
> DESKTOP.INF (tested with GEMDOS emu).
> > I don't have the appropriate real ST to test with.
> Anybody?

	- Eero

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