Re: [hatari-devel] WinUAE settings for different machine types

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On keskiviikko 23 toukokuu 2012, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> On 22/05/2012 22:16, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > What I think should be done:
> > 
> > * Use some other setting for WinUAE CPU than bCompatibleCpu so
> >    that it doesn't mess old CPU settings.
> > 
> > * Set that new setting automatically true when TT/Falcon is selected
> >    and to false for ST/STE as otherwise WinUAE Hatari crashes
> >    (to the earlier mentioned assert).
> > Worse emulation is acceptable, but Hatari not anymore starting at
> > all if user happened to save some specific setting combination from
> > the UI is IMHO a release blocker.
> Well, that's a complex issue, I'm not sure it's easy to find some
> settings that works for both core.

See above.

> In the end, as laurent reminded, the "problem" is really that winuae
> core should not be used to run STF/STE mode, it's not tested/stable
> enough and lacks several 68000's specific patches to get good results.

Regardless of that, it still shouldn't allow user to save a configuration
that prevents it forever from starting (until user removes hatari.cfg).

> In that case, maybe we can have different behaviour when switching
> between machines depending on the fact that the user is using hatari
> compiled with uae core, or using the hatari_falcon version using the
> winuae core ? (using the #define ENABLE_WINUAE_CPU)

That's exactly what I was proposing above.

	- Eero

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