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> From: Konador, Cyprian
> Hi Nicholas, All,
> Before incoming release, may I ask you for small TT video improvement? I
> mean Hold & Sample mode and Hypermono mode (both in TT Shifter
> resolution - $FF8262)
> According to
> HyperMono mode should be quite easy to implement:
> "HyperMono is a special mode that combines two of the output DACs to give
> 8 bits of control of the level of all three guns. The green output from the
> selected color palette entry provides the most significant 4 bits and the blue
> output provides the least significant 4 bits."
> And http://www.atari-
> d_/_Paradox:
> Hold & Sample mode:
> " In this mode, every pixel with a colour different from 0 will 'smear',
> meaning that all pixels with colour 0 to the right of a pixel with colour X will be
> drawn in colour X. Only the left border resets the smear mode and really
> draws colour 0 as colour 0 until a pixel with colour<>0 follows. This mode was
> meant to make programming of filled-vector 3D graphics about as easy as
> programming wireframe vectors. Unfortunately, it stayed widely unused."
> I'm able to prepare testing application for both modes. In additional, I'm
> waiting for my new acquisition - TT030 (should arrive this week), therefore I'll
> be able to do all needed tests.
> Another issue is emulated TT performance. GEMBench reports strange
> results, e.g. "Integer division" shows 34% of real TT. Maybe adding TT
> emulation to hatari_falcon.exe could fix that issue?

I forgot to add that I'm trying to prepare a small production for the TT for the upcoming party Silly Venture 2012.
And would be cool to be able to watch them on the Hatari

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