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On Saturday 14 April 2012 04:20, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> On 10/04/2012 06:09, David Savinkoff wrote:
> > I re-checked the patches from my viewpoint and found no discrepancies.
> > I checked the latest version of Hatari and found it to be exactly as
> > expected, given the patches applied.
> >
> > Your diff has slightly different output from mine, but I can't
> > determine what is wrong.
> >
> > CentOS 5.8
> > - diff (GNU diffutils) 2.8.1  -- package date june 2008
> > - patch 2.5.4 -- package date march 2011
> >
> > David
> The only difference I saw was the lack of a carriage return on the last
> line.
> I'm using diffutils-3.2 and patch-2.6.1.
> Nicolas

The two patches in the following link are exactly what I sent,
and work for me:

The only lines that I hand edit are the ones containing the
path to the file, before the first hunk. eg.
--- hatari/src/includes/ym2149_fixed_vol.h	2012-03-16 15:25:07.000000000 -0700

To test that the missing line is Not my fault, I patched an
old version of both sound.c and ym2149_fixed_vol.h with
the patch I sent above, then made a new patch, then
diff'd the patches. The only difference was in the first
two lines with the pathname and date.
Thus I can state that the carriage return on the last line
is Not missing in either patch; both provided in the link

It is possible that the last line was removed by the email system.

It is possible that old diff and patch utilities are not compatible with
new versions.


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