Re: [hatari-devel] Release 1.6.2 in mid May

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On lauantai 14 huhtikuu 2012, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> We added a few changes since 1.6.1 in january (ste video, ikbd, dsp,
> 68040 mmu, ...) and I think it could be a good idea to release 1.6.2 in
> a not too distant future (for example to see the very good 'Archives'
> demo by Dune/Sector one).
> In my case, I think I will ba available to handle the release somewhere
> around mid-may, so I'd like everyone with pending modificaitions to see
> if they can be applied now, in order to be able to test them before
> releasing.
> If there's no modification at the moment, then it's fine, it means we
> can release without too much problem as I didn't hear about bugs due to
> the recent changes in Hatari.

EmuTOS is planning to release next version end of May with
very significant improvements:
- resolution change support (med-rez, falcon & TT...)
- fixes to floppy handling (a lot more ST games & demos work)
- fixes to VDI handling (GEM programs)

Maybe Hatari release could be post-poned until EmuTOS is released?

As to pending changes, I would like to get the TOS tester parallel
port/printing issue resolved and it would be good to get the WinUAE
default settings issue fixed.

	- Eero

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