Re: [hatari-devel] Videl Emu and TimerB

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On 07/03/2012 23:32, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
Thanks Nicolas,

The first problem actually is that many code in mfp.c calls video_...
like video_get_position, video_getTimerBPos, ...

And as I don't want to call anything from video (which is no more
initialized), it goes wrong.

Do you thing we should encapsulate every mfp.c functions with something
like :
if (machine == falcon)
do_ videl (or do_nothing)
call video_...

I don't think the falcon need many code in mfp.c for timer B

In MFP_TimerBData_ReadByte, you should just do 1 line for falcon case in mfp.c :

        IoMem[0xfffa21] = MFP_TB_MAINCOUNTER;

All the rest is cycle precise code that is useful only for border removal on STF/STE, it would not work on falcon.

And MFP_TimerB_EventCount_Interrupt should remain unchanged ; just call it from videl.c with sthg like that (in the HBL handler for now) :

        if ( ( nHBL >= nStartHBL ) && ( nHBL < nEndHBL + BlankLines ) )
		if (MFP_TBCR == 0x08)

That's all you will need fot Falcon's timer B.

What could explain that the mouse doesn't work anymore ?

hundreds of things, but I have no idea :)


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