Re: [hatari-devel] Re: Magic doesn't work with Hatari [ translation needed please]

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Hi Laurent,

> I've commited the hardware patchs (for Falcon) and the big patch for 
> 68040 MMU.
> Would you please do 2 little tests ?
> - 1 for 68030 falcon (cycles exact)

Even without MagiC the Falcon hangs up when booting, right after starting
NVDI. There appears to be something wrong right from the start because the
Atari symbol is not located where it should be, see attachment. The
resolution was 640x400x2.

> - one for 68040 + MMU (+32 Mhz if you want)
> And tell me for both cases what happens with Magic now ?

I did not try the 68040 mode because I don't have MagiC for the Milan,
but I think it is needed for the 68040.



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