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On 11/02/2012 19:43, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:

As long as Videl code is not rewritten, Pinball Dream won't work. And
that's probably one of the best Falcon games.

Do you think I should propose this hack for those who would like to
test, or should I publish nothing but when the Videl is correctly taken
into account (this may take a while) ?

Would someone here be interrested to test ?

I return into Pinball dreams for more testing :)


I don't think such hack should be pushed to main source if it only improves one game to be able to play it but without using the "good" emulation (I mean in that case, it's more a proof of concept that it can run, than a definitive solution).

For such cases, if you want people to test it anyway, I think it's better to post the "hg diff" results to this list (diff between current hg tree and your version). This way, people can apply the patch and test it, and the main hg tree remains in a "stable" state.


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