Re: [hatari-devel] Small test to run on STE

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On 14/11/2011 22:55, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:

I'm wondering if the video address on STE is masked depending on the RAM
size ; could someone with an STE runs this small program and tell me the
result of D0 and D1 (you need to be in supervisor mode) :

stop $2300
stop $2300
move.b $ff8205,d0
move.b #$ff,$ff8205
move.b $ff8205,d1
move.b d0,$ff8205

This will briefly modify the video address high byte and restore it.
But I'm wondering if you will read $ff after writing it to $ff8205, or
if it will be masked depending on the max size of 4 MB (and you would
read $03 for example).

Anders maybe ? ;-)



Ping :)

Anyone with an STE that would be able to run this small test from devpac or another asm ?


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