Re: [hatari-devel] problems in b/w mode

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On sunnuntai 08 tammikuu 2012, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> On 08/01/2012 13:33, Thomas Huth wrote:
> I agree VideoShifterByte is not useful, it seems to be mostly
> historical. At least, it's never used to remove borders, so it should
> have no side effect on this point.
> Only side effect, is that it will change the memory snapshot and next
> version won't be compatible with current snapshot (but as this changes
> for every release anyway, this should not be a major problem).

Alternatively it could be just replaced with:
	/* TODO: remove in next major version */
	Uint8 dummy;
	MemorySnapShot_Store(&dummy, sizeof(dummy));

If one doesn't want to change that between 1.6 & 1.6.1.

> If you think you have time to remove it for 1.6.1, let's do it, else it
> can be cleared later.

	- Eero

PS. I thought up a clean way to fix the config variable naming
issue with Hatari UI.  I'll try to do it by tomorrow.

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