Re: [hatari-devel] problems in b/w mode

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On 08/01/2012 13:33, Thomas Huth wrote:

I fixed it now by setting IoMem[0xff8260] to the same value as
VideoShifterByte during reset. But maybe we should also get rid of
VideoShifterByte completely, since it just mirrors the information
from IoMem[0xff8260] and is hardly used in the code at all. Nicolas,
what do you think?


I agree VideoShifterByte is not useful, it seems to be mostly historical. At least, it's never used to remove borders, so it should have no side effect on this point.

Only side effect, is that it will change the memory snapshot and next version won't be compatible with current snapshot (but as this changes for every release anyway, this should not be a major problem).

If you think you have time to remove it for 1.6.1, let's do it, else it can be cleared later.


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