Re: [eigen] GitLab migration is starting now! yade is on gitlab too!

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I am developer of YADE, and I want to add
high precision support in our entire codebase. Unfortunately I have
been getting eigen segfaults in my tests. More about that in another email.

I want to talk a little about your gitlab migration :)

I use libeigen since roughly 2007. That's the first time however when
I need to fix something in libeigen, and I can't do that without a
working CI. The simplest compilation in gitlab-CI pipeline for me is
to use the debian build scripts. And I created a
super-simple .gitlab-ci, just to see a working pipeline:

All tests passed (around line 3480):

you might want to have a look at eiher that small simple .gitlab-ci
in that branch, or the full-blown .gitlab-ci which I use in yade all
the time:

I am using ccache for yade compilation, it speeds up things really a
lot. I did the same thing in that small .gitlab-ci which I prepared for my
tests of libeigen.

I triggered a second libeigen compilation. The first one took 1hour. The
second one, thanks to ccache took only 14 minutes:

best regards
Janek Kozicki

Janek Kozicki, PhD. DSc. Arch. Assoc. Prof.
Gdańsk University of Technology
Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics
Department of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Information
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