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This is already done for some temporaries (like blocks in cache-optimized GEMM). Doing that for custom types would be interesting, but not trivial (e.g., move-behavior is completely different, if you want to move the data to an object higher in the stack).

If you are ok with managing data yourself, you can manually achieve this by alloca/allocate-ing data yourself and use an Eigen::Map to refer to the data.

If you have a proof-of-concept how this could be integrated into the Eigen API, we are open for suggestions!

Another idea would be to allow custom allocators for matrices -- in that case the custom allocator could very easily be a stack-allocator (which would not even need to use the "main" stack). But that's also not too easy to integrate without breaking the current API (adding a new type would of course be an option for that).


On 21/10/2019 15.39, Rob Conde wrote:
I'm wondering if a small dynamic matrix optimization has been considered. In other words, allowing a stack allocation for matrices of unknown size up to a certain limit and using a heap allocation beyond that?

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